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Robin: ircII channel protection script

author and editor: David Hansen aka turtle

last updated July 1, 1999


Robin is a channel protection script written for ircII clients. To my knowledge the script has only been tested on the UNIX versions of ircII and has not been tested on the windows ports. Also, I do not know of any tests with ircII versions prior to version 2.8.2.

Robin is not intended for the true novice as it requires quite a bit of editing in order to enable the channel protection features (opping, deopping and validation). If you do not know how to edit a file under a unix system you should probably wait before trying to enable Robins chanprot functions and just stick with its flood protection and ban/kick capabilities.

The modular nature of Robin serves a variety of purposes such as to make it easy for the user to run just those functions that s/he wishes to without having to wade through a lot of code to cut out the desired pieces and to aid in helping the user understand ircII scripting by having isolated routines that are easily grouped together and providing code documentation at each routine explaining what is happening. This additional documentation still isn’t a replacement for ircIIs help files and the irciiman.wri, rather it will serve better to supplement seeing what you learn from those two in action and to make better sense of it. Also, it is easier to upgrade Robin in this fashion as well since if only the banning routines get rewritten, then only the banning module is the one that needs to be replaced (or, say you don’t like the new version of one module but you do like the new version of another blah, blah,blah, etc…).


  1. If you haven’t already, download the latest version: robin.v1.0.1.tar.
  2. After downloading robin.v1.0.1.tar, unpack it in the parent directory of your account.
    If you don’t know how to do this then do the following:

    • mv robin.v1.0.1.tar ~
      (if it warns you they are identical, then you are already where you need to be, skip the next step)

    • cd ~

    • tar -xf robin.v1.0.1.tar

  3. If you wish to have Robin load auto-magically whenever you start ircII (for UNIX), you should do the following:

    • echo "load ~/scripts/robin.load.mod" >> ~/.ircrc or just put what’s in quotes into .ircrc using your favorite editor.

That is it. Robin is now unpacked into its own directory and, if you choose to, will auto-load when you next start ircII. Quick warning, step #2 will create a directory called scripts in your parent user directory. If you currently have a directory by this name you should rename the existing one in order to save you some editing of the various modules that make up the script. Robin expects to be in the path of ~/scripts/* , if you change this you must edit the path in any modules that reference to it. For a couple of reasons it is best to rely on using an actual path rather than the current working directory.

Using Robin:

Robin has help menus for all of its commands. The main (general) help menu can be brought up via /robin and individual command help can be brought up in the format of /{command} help [without the {}’s of course].

*** Value of HOLD_MODE set to ON

Normal ircII help can be obtained via /help or //help. If you

receive an error message by doing this then you should contact

your system administrator and ask for the help files to be

installed or visit and read them there.

This is the channel protection script written by turtle

( and it is temporarily named

Robin v1.0


/banHelp More detailed help on banning a person.


/kickHelp More detailed help on kicking a person.


/opHelp More detailed help on loading and listing


approved channel operator addresses

The help menus for each individual command are contained within the very modules which contain the code for that command. This is done because of the nature of Robin that each routine be an individual and modular piece so that the user can use just those pieces that he or she chooses to use without having to hack the hell out of some massive file and end up breaking it. Therefore you can expect to see commands listed in the main help file that you do not have modules for. As a new module (or new commands for updates to existing modules) is released a new will accompany it so that the new command will be included.

If you choose to not use one or more of the modules available just edit the loading entry for it out of ~/scripts/robin.load.mod and, if you want to, edit out its entry in the file as well.

In order to enable the channel protection (opping via /msg, deopping unauthorized ops and the list of addresses for each of your authorized ops for the channel) you must edit two files located in ~/scripts/ops (~/scripts/ops/channel.ops.list.mod and ~/scripts/ops/channel.ops.mod). In ~/scripts/ops/channel.ops.list.mod you will add the addresses for each user that you trust to give ops to and these will be the only users your client will allow to have ops on the channel you specify. Detailed instructions on editing this file are contained within the module channel.ops.mod. To specify the channel you wish to protect you must edit ~/scripts/ops/channel.ops.mod and replace the word channel with the actual channels name. The beginning of these files contain a lot of instructions on just what editing needs to be done.

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Copyright (C) 1997,1998,1999 David Hansen with a lot of inspiration.

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