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Subject and special interest networks

As an alternative to gathering on channels on one of the other smaller or larger networks, some groups of people have set up their own networks, dedicated to their cause or subject of interest. Here are some of them, loosely grouped by subject. This section will also include single-server outfits, since there are a number of standalone IRC servers which fall into this category.

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[ Arts and Literature | Miscellaneous subjects ]


Open Projects Net
Apart from being a forum for everyone interested in the Open Projects concept, it is also the place to go with your tricky Linux problems after the #LinPeople channel took up residence. Debian in particular has a strong presence.
Servers: 27
Locations: Australia, Canada, Hungary, Mexico, Netherlands, Sweden, UK, USA
Default port: 6667
Max users: 3500
Services: Nick (NickServ), Channel (ChanServ), Memo (MemoServ), Help (HelpServ)
Operator channel: #openprojects
Server list

This (open projects related) network appears to have been put on ice for a while. Their mission statement and news are available at their web site.
Servers: 3
Locations: USA
Default port: 6667
Operator channel: #somenet
Server list

Amigas. What else could it be about?</a>
Servers: 6
Locations: Australia, Norway, Sweden, UK, USA
Default port: 6667
Max users: <100
Services: None
Started: July 1997
Operator Channel: #anet-opers
Server list

Yup. It's BSD. Various flavours of BSD operating systems are the main topic on this network, pretty much in the same style as on LinuxNET. A network for the experts. Rather unfriendly towards outsiders, all they lack is a 'Keep Out' notice in the MOTD. If you don't know what BSD is, this is not for you.
Servers: 11
Locations: Australia, USA
Default port: 6667
Max users: est. 100
Services: none
Operator channel: #NoHelp (it's a hint, yes)
No server list.

Kids and Education

Kidlink IRC
Network for kids up to age 15 and educators with 'classrooms' in various languages. Requires registration prior to using it.

Well, the name is pretty much self-explanatory. Scouts in various parts of the world have set up an IRC network for meetings in various languages. There is also a link from within this network to scouting channels all over IRC.
Servers: 11
Locations: Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, UK, USA
Default port: try 6667
Max users: ~100, much higher during on-line jamborees
Services: Nick (NickServ)
Operator channel: #scouting
Server list

Single server dedicated to the use of IRC for educational purposes, hosting educational events and discussions as well as classrooms on internet-related topics.
Server: irc.cybered.net
Location: US
Port: 2220
Services: Nick (NickServ), Channel (ChanServ), Memo (MemoServ)

A friendly network dedicated to providing a secure environment for kids without being too restrictive.
Servers: 6
Locations: Canada, UK, USA
Default port: 6667
Max users: <100
Services: Channel (K), Memo (MemoServ)
Started: December 1996
Operator channel: #adminland
Server list

Games, on-line and otherwise

They call it the best multiplayer game ever. Maybe they're right, maybe not. Anyway, here's a network full of (mainly European) addicts.
Servers: 34
Locations: Denmark, Germany, England, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia
Port: 6667
Max users: 40000, varies according to time of day
Services: Channel (Q)
Operator channel: #feds
Restrictive policies: No porn, warez or mp3s
Server list

Server for PC video game fans/organizations. They seem to have a preference for Quake.
Server: irc.stomped.com
Location: USA
Port: 6667
Max users: ~500
Services: Nick (NickServ). Channel (ChanServ), Memo (MemoServ)
Started: October 1997
Operator channel: #support

Arts and Literature

One server, associated with an American Sci Fi TV channel. Also the venue of related events.
Server: irc.scifi.com
Location: US
Port: 6667
Max users: 200+
Services: Something. They run that weird Qdeck ircd.
Alternative access: Java

Miscellaneous subjects

All things equestrian (about horses, that is). Regular and special events.
Server: irc.equestrianpages.com
Location: USA
Port: 6667
Started: July 1996
Alternative access: Java
Main channel: #equestrian

Subject: Genealogy
Server: irc.iigs.org
Location: US
Ports: 6667,7000
Started: September 1997

In their own words: A network for adults who are interested in discussions and play in all forms of sexuality. (No, it's not a porn trading post.)
Servers: 3
Locations: USA
Default port: 6667
Max users: 350
Services: Channel (ChanServ), Nick (NickServ)
Created: August 1997
Operator channels: #bondage, #social
Server list

Their description: StonerNET is a place to unite cannabis users around the world in the fight to end prohibition.
Servers: 2
Locations: USA
Deafult port: 6667
Max users: est. ~100
Services: none
Started: November 1997
Operator channel: #pot (of course)
Restrictive policies: No government officials!
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