General IRC Networks

Selected networks with several hundred to several thousand users

updated Mar 15, 2003

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We’ve set up separate pages to highlight some of the most popular nets (with over 10,000 people), or those serving a special local region or subject area. That still leaves hundreds of general networks. If you really want a full list, check out the 3rd party statistics site [ext. link]. We highlight just a few of these small to medium networks below. They are not necessarily the best or biggest nets. We just want to give you some suggestions if you’re new to IRC and looking for a general chat network. If you’re fed up with the chaos of the popular nets, many of these nets have full services and can be a reasonable place for you to either start or move your channel. Networks are listed alphabetically.

Network Data


Servers mainly around the pacific. Unlike most large networks, this is one of the few that isn’t US-based, but predominantly australasian. North American all-nighters might find some signs of friendly life here.

Locations: Australia, Canada, Singapore, UK, USA

Default ports: 6667-6669

Services: Channel (ChanOP), Nick (NickOP), Note (NoteOP), Help (HelpOP)

Started: Early 1996

Administrative channel: #asd

Server list


Locations: Canada, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Turkey, UK, USA

Services: Channel (K9)

Started: March 1996

Administrative channel: #nuthouse

Server list.


Originally formed by the server after being forced off EFnet, this network soon became a prime example of how a small network grows to a respectable size and maintains stability for a number of years.

Locations: Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand, UK, USA

Services: Channel (ChanServ), Nick (NickServ)

Started: April 1996

Administrative channel: #idleland

Server list.


Locations: Australia, Belgium, Canada, UK, USA

Services: Channel (ChanS), Nick (NickS), Memo (MemoS), others.

Started: October 1997

Administrative channel: #relicnet

Server list


A network formerly run entirely on Windows servers, which was a great novelty back then, this network has developed into a very decent alternative to the major ones. Showcase for the (commercial) Conference Room ircd.

Locations: Canada, Hong Kong, Thailand, USA

Default port: 7000

Services: Channel (ChanServ), Nick (NickServ), Memo (MemoServ)

Administrative channel: #spiderslair

Server list