EPIC was originally forked from ircII 2.8.2, and emerged at a time when ircII development was extremely stagnant. ircII’s developer at the time was extremely conservative, with a narrow vision of what an IRC client should and shouldn’t be and while many regarded 2.8.2 as the “perfect” ircII release, there were also people bumping their heads against the artificial limitations imposed by the ircII client and its scripting language. This, EPIC was born as a fork, and continues to this day.

At the surface, remains extremely close to ircII 2.8.2, with an interface that is nearly identical to that of ircII. This makes EPIC something of a clean slate - just as with ircII you will have difficulty using it for more than a single channel out of the box.

While there are some niceties like mIRC compatible colors, EPIC differentiates from ircII in its scripting capabilities - EPIC development has been primarily directed by the needs of script authors for over 20 years.

Key features