UnderNet is one of the oldest IRC networks, and was one of the first major networks to offer channel registration.


UnderNet offers account and channel registration. There is no nickname registration.

Channel registration on UnderNet is reserved for “established” channels, and follows a unique process - users wishing to register a channel must already hold the channel without the use of services for a period of time, must petition for registration via an application process, and must have 5 unique supporters (in addition to the applicant), who must be regulars of the channel and agree to the registration. Further, each person is limited to a single channel registration.

This unique process helps to insure that registered channels are active channels, with a solid base of users, rather than users finding channels they want and sit vacant have already been registered and are unavailable.


UnderNet has a strong culture of welcoming users, with help channels, special events, news, informational classes and seminars, for the benefit of all users on the network.

UnderNet is a centrally governed network, with a comparatively bureaucratic structure, and many activities governed by various committees.

Official Channels

Server List

irc.undernet.org is a round-robin that will connect you to a random server on the network.

A complete server list is available at http://www.undernet.org/servers/