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When I first started using IRC, most IRC clients were difficult to use or limited in features. I wanted to see if I could create an IRC client that was both fun and easy to use. Khaled Mardam-Bey

Got mIRC?

Download, FAQ, installation help, use and scripting.

mIRC is by far the most popular Internet Relay Chat client for Windows and thus among all users. This page is devoted to the unofficial support of this shareware product.

Official mIRC home page

If this page doesn’t answer all your questions, go to the official mIRC home page [ext. link] which contains a wealth of information on mIRC: getting it, setting it up, using it, etc.

Many of us in EFNet, Freenode, and IRCNet #irchelp are familiar with mIRC and can help you with basic questions regarding it.

There are however, a number of other channels which deal specifically with mIRC, and, if your question is particularly complex or has to do with scripting, they may be better able to help you.

Download mIRC

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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The mIRC FAQ [ext. link] helps you to solve virtually all setup and install problems you could encounter with mIRC. You can read the FAQ on the web, but having it for off-line reference is really handy. On top of answering questions, the FAQ will provide you with a lot of additional information on mIRC’s powerful features. It includes a tutorial on aliases, popups and on ‘programming’ the Tools/Remote section.

Setup and Installation

Using mIRC and scripting

script, which should allow you to use the replacement alias /wall6 on all major IRC server versions.

mIRC is shareware. mIRC is a registered trademark of mIRC Co. Ltd.

We at IRChelp.org are not affiliated with mIRC Co. Ltd.