IRC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Help Files

Over the years, we’ve accumulated many collections of frequently asked questions about IRC:

The IRC Prelude

This is a must-read if you are new to Internet Relay Chat (IRC). This very short help file by the #IRChelp operators covers the basics of IRC and will get you going in no time!

FAQ from the alt.irc newsgroup

This is the authoritative list of FAQ (frequently asked questions) for IRC newbies. Please read this first before asking any questions! This file covers stuff like what is IRC, how is IRC set up, how to use a client, how to connect to a server, how to choose and join channels, and more than 20 other topics.

The IFAQ (Inordinately Frequently Asked Questions)

This is sort of a sequel to the IRC FAQ above, addressing more obscure questions such as how to find somebody by their email, how to get your own server or get it linked, how to become an IRC op, how to get scripts, and over 20 others.

#IRChelp Channel FAQ

This is the last FAQ but it’s actually the most up to date one. This is the list of questions we are asked most often on the #IRChelp channel. If you’re the type who likes to lurk and learn on the channel, you’re probably better off reading this.

IRC Primer

This is the “bible” of IRC, a very long but thorough discussion of everything you ever wanted to know about IRC. The content is similar to the FAQs above, but it is presented more like a book with organized chapters and sections.

IRC Tutorial

If you prefer to learn by doing instead of reading some long user manual, this medium-length step-by-step tutorial is for you. It shows you how to master IRC, one command at a time.

IRC Command Cosmos

This advanced user guide is designed to supplement the “standard” guides above. It is very up to date and has a Undernet/mIRC emphasis, but it’s useful to everybody.

The New IRC Channel Operator’s Guide

This advanced channel operator’s guide is very long and detailed, providing most of the information you need to run a stable, successful channel. You really should read all the above guides first, especially the IRC Tutorial. IRC Operator Guide

Another unorthodox guide, this offers a fascinating glimpse into the “Twilight Zone” world of IRC operators, also known as IRCops or opers. This has very little to do with channel ops or the maintenance of a chat channel. The guide is written by an oper ostensibly for other opers, but its real audience is the average user.

General Information

IRCd (server management)