From: (Roger Espel Llima)
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Subject: Re: How to setup local ircserver
Date: 31 Jan 1995 00:03:56 GMT
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In article <>, Steve Work <> wrote:
>Marcel Knol ( wrote:
>: Hello,
>: If I want to set up a local irc server so that client within the
>: network and only within the network can talk to eachother, how do I
>: set up the server. I compiled ircserv but that seems to be only
>: suitable for connections to other ircservers.
>: So I want a program which can stand alone and only connect to local
>: irc client. Does anyone know how to do this.
>: Please respond by email.
>Please post, too, as I am interested in doing the same thing.  One thing
>I was wondering is whether you need root access on the machine on which the
>server is running.

You don't need root access at all. Grab a copy of the irc server on : /irc/servers/irc2.8.21.tar.gz, compile it, create
an ircd.conf file according to the explanations in the doc/INSTALL
file, and execute the ircd program.

If you only want people from your domain connecting, say, *,
you'll want lines such as I:** in your ircd.conf

Good luck :)

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