Quick usermode g information for EFnet

Slapped togather by Osc on 5/sep/04

Last modified 6/sep/04

To set usermode g, the server you are useing must support the mode. To find out if the server supports this mode, type this command anywhere:

/quote help accept

You will get a reply similar to this:

accept ACCEPT <parameter>
accept ACCEPT allows you to control who can send you a NOTICE or PRIVMSG
accept while you have user mode +g enabled.
accept For +g: /QUOTE ACCEPT <nick>   -- Add a permitted nickname
accept         /QUOTE ACCEPT -<nick>  -- Remove a permitted nickname
accept         /QUOTE ACCEPT *        -- List the present permitted nicknames
accept End of /HELP.

If you get no reply, or an error, the server you are using doesn’t support usermode g.

To set usermode g, type this command anywhere:

//mode $me +g
/mode <your-nick-here> +g

When a nick that you have not /accept’ed msg’s you, you will see:

Testnick user@host.tld is messaging you, and you have umode +g


Full documentation here: http://www.efnet.org/?module=docs&doc;=14&type;=text