Scripts for ircII


Only ircII scripts are maintained here - mIRC users please see our mIRC page for scripts and help.

There are no bots or scripts here that will help you flood, hack, or otherwise abuse IRC.

IRC scripts are automated programs that can make IRC easier and more fun, by giving you conveniences and extra features not found in your standard client. Convenience scripts save you time and effort, for example, instead of typing “/join” you can just type “/j” to join a channel. Protection scripts can protect you against hacking, flooding, and other IRC evils.

We the helpers on EFnet #IRChelp channel believe that the best script is still one that you write yourself, because only then can you fully control its actions so you don’t unwittingly get in trouble or compromise your security. Unfortunately many newbies blindly download hideous scripts like Phoenix or LiCe which are buggy, bloated, riddled with backdoors (security compromises), or encourage warlike behavior which will get you in trouble (kicked, banned, or worse).

I therefore present some scripts below which are all designed to enhance your IRC enjoyment by providing convenient shortcuts, fun features, and protective powers, while avoiding annoyances which will get you in trouble, and all have been verified to be free of backdoors. These scripts are not endorsed by the #IRChelp ops, nor will we provide help for their installation and use. You’re on your own - learn and explore the help files and comments that come with each script!

JoloPak: General Convenience Script

If you’re relatively new to ircII and looking for an all-in-one convenience script to use or learn from, check out my Jolopak. This is typical bloatware, meaning it has lots of interesting as well as totally useless features. Unlike most bloatware, however, this one is benign and is unlikely to get you cracked, /kick’d, or /kill’d. I’m a very average script writer, but as an #IRChelp op and the webmaster of this site, I came across a lot of good information and decided to collect the best stuff together into one script. The script combines the best parts (IMHO) of Barron’s SuperPak with a lot of custom features contributed by other #IRChelp experts. JoloPak includes NickCompleter.irc and nocolor listed below.

Robin: Channel Protection Script

If you are trying to run a semi-permanent channel, you may need more than the basic defensive tools that come with JoloPak above. David Hansen aka Turtle custom developed “robin,” a channel protection script that should do just the trick. This is intended for more advanced users. It should be compatible with Jolopak so that you can use both at the same time.

Script Packages

For those who want really complete script packs, superpak.scr.gz is the mother of JoloPak and contains a ton of obscure but interesting features, plus a lot of stuff which is either harmlessly redundant or just useless. (That’s why I was motivated to clean it up to make the JoloPak.) Another excellent script package recommended very highly is ppak207.tar.gz.

Miscellaneous Script Modules

NickCompleter.irc by “DC-itsme” is an invaluable tool which completes nicknames of people on your channel after you type just the first few letters. This is useful whether you want to /msg or /kick people with unusual nicks like “-l3et-”. This script is included as part of JoloPak above.

The color stripping script nocolor is provided as relief for ircII users against mIRC color codes. It comes with detailed directions.